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We help clients execute growth-driven plans designed for today’s competitive business climate to ensure success. Transforming business ideas into a reality, growing and scaling quickly, leveraging innovative technology.

Services to Start Your Business

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Growth-Driven Business Planning

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Business Registration & Formation

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Branding & Logo Design

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Start Your Free Plan!

Have a business idea? Take the first steps toward owning a successful business- at your pace, on your terms. No gimmicks, no get-rich-quick schemes.

Growth Planning

Traditional Business Plans take forever to write, become dated fast, and are difficult to implement. LivePlan is an interactive platform that provides real-time insights. Plans come to life as you track progress in real-time, allowing you to replicate successes and pinpoint shortcomings.


Faster Growth


Stronger Start


Higher Achievement

The Power of Dynamic Strategic Planning

BranDoor & LivePlan deliver clients quality results with a process to build & maintain momentum.

  • Plan- we collaborate to create a tailored winning plan that helps you break through the competition and become profitable quickly after launch.
  • Forecastwe build meaningful realistic goals and milestones specific to your industry- helping you focus on metrics for success.
  • Evaluate- we review progress to goals periodically to spot opportunities and build in accountability.
  • Refinewe adjust to current business realities and pivot as needed to keep you a leader in your market.

Impress Lenders & Investors to More Easily Secure Funding!

Integrate with QuickBooks for Real Time Performance Insights!

Seamlessly Partner with us to Refine & Enhance Plans!

Business Formation

We partner with ZenBusiness to offer our clients easy business registration in any state.

ZenBusiness offers a variety of value-add services to clients. Best of all, their starter package gets you set up for only the cost of state fees. Visit their site to get started and learn more!


Your brand is comprised of numerous textual and visual elements, and it is what distinguishes you from competitors. As your plans come to life, you must make critical branding decisions with lasting implications. Key components include:


Name & Tagline

Create a memorable name that helps you stand out in the real & virtual worlds

Brand Voice

Create effective communications that strike the right tone given your industry, service offering & target client.


Logo & Favicon

Develop a relevant logo of varying sizes that helps you distinguish your company.

Design Elements

Choose colors, fonts, and images that highlight the best of your firm and service offerings across various media.

Your BRAND & The Customer Journey

The customer journey is a client or prospect’s entire series of interactions with your brand. From the moment they hear about you from a colleague, visit your website, chat with you on the phone, and schedule their service, customers form impressions about your brand. Any actual service encounters and follow-up efforts shape those impressions further. Knowing this, we integrate our straightforward BRAND™ framework- providing a useful tool to create a strong brand, ensure a positive customer experience, and enjoy increased profitability.